It was a bit tricky to write all these articles thinking about the experiences from many months ago.. but with this one, the memories are so well impregnated that I feel like I could talk about it for hours. I’ll try to keep it short tho and tell you why going to MQ Viena Fashion Week as a photographer for Irina Schrotter meant so much to me.

It was an experience that literally changed my course of thinking. Lucian Broscatean (whom I deeply admire) knew exactly where to point in order to get the best out of Viena. With his guidance and Fica’s “good hand”, I bought a book that changed all my perspective about photography and I strongly recommend you read it too (click here). Through Diana Flore I discovered the art of Guy Bourdin and the importance of good old “sharing ideas” talks. With Fica and Cristina I discovered that laughing is therapy and can really bond a team together.

Meeting such a strong woman as Irina Schrotter made me discover that a woman’s power and self-confidence walk into a room before she does and that these kinds of stories give wings and inspire along the way. The whole team made me realize that professionalism is at home when passionate people are involved. <3


I couldn’t help but make a small portrait session with the girls. This is the magic work of the master of make-up in Romania: Alex Abagiu


*I must tell you that photographing models on a catwalk during a fashion show is a “must have” in any photographer’s life. I still recall the sweaty palms and fast beating heart before the show started. You have a few minutes and a “one time shot” to get it right so you can imagine the pressure. It’s a game about ‘keeping your eyes on the prize’ while everything else keeps on moving.

Creative Director – Lucian Broscățean
Designers: Diana Flore & Carmen Cherecheș
Fashion Show Stylist – Ovidiu Buta
Make-up Artist – Alexandru Abagiu
Accessories – Diana Flore & Woven Atelier
Shoes by Ego