We already know how Cluj transforms itself as a city under the mighty power of TIFF.. I knew Madalina Ghenea was in town and this moment you see here lasted for less than 2 minutes. I wish I could have had the opportunity to spend some more time (hours) photographing her but.. u never know ^_^ She stepped out of the black limousine and stopped for the photos. She was quite surprised that I asked her to her to move and pose a little but she smiled at me and went with the flow.
Here is the huge difference between making portraits for normal people like you and me and photographing stars. In the first case, you are concentrating more on getting that piece of soul of that person and make a portrait that represents their light and energy while in the second case you have that… plus the fact that you need to make a “flattering portrait”. I will surely make an article on the differences between the two because it’s a veeery interesting topic.