Most of the time we let our preconceptions and judgmental thoughts lead the way in actions and deprive us of so many inspiring and sometimes crucial moments in our life. And most of the time,  FEAR is what keeps us apart from these kinds of moments and from our dreams in general. Fear is what made me postpone my dreams so far and fear is what keeps you from saying what you think and feel. Fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of rejection and most of all .. fear of success.

I remember thinking these exact thoughts half an hour later after meeting these 2 beautiful wolves and having played with them like they were little pugs. I saw them from a distance and admired their strength and beauty and when they got really close I froze with fear. There were those few seconds in my mind where I played all the worse that could happen until I realized that they were already standing really close to me and that I was safe. Safe from all the things that only happened in my mind, while the reality was unveiling on a whole different path. You get the point from here.

Hugs & Kissez