I started working with Alina from the very beginning of my photography and I must tell you something you already know: she is one of a kind. She helped me so much along the road and I really have to thank her here too. Having her as a model made me understand how important it is for the one on the other side of the camera to have confidence and to know what they’re after in a shooting. On the other hand, having so many different projects made me think a lot more about concepts, moods and the whole process of creating a photoshoot from scratch.

One of our favorite shooting was the one we made for Ariel and I really feel that I got to the point where to create a representative soul portrait for her. I was so happy to see the image at the beginning of this article, featured in the “about me” section on her website. Her choosing that certain image made me feel that from the many photos we’ve made together and of many others she had from previews shootings, that one meant something representative for her soul and vision. This is such an important topic that I will get back to very soon. Until then, I leave you here with this very special missy. <3