What’s so beautiful about photography is that you connect with other artists.
In order to represent their vision, you must first take a step into their world and try to understand their “feelosophy”. Alina Moza’s statement is “live to inspire”, and this is exactly what she does. A true artist with such a strong and special vision, willing to put all her knowledge and effort into passing it forward through what she does.
While shooting the lookbook (which you will see in a different post), I was amazed at all the fine details and the hard work she put not just in making clothes but in creating pieces of art ready to wear. The inspiration for this collection came from her passion for the art of Constantin Brancusi and you will see that in the construction of the clothes and in the fine embroideries on natural fiber fabrics.
This shooting was also a professional challenge for me since it was the first time I had to photograph 4 models for a campaign and I must tell you, it can get a bit tricky! We wanted to give a more dynamic feel to the story so we decided to go all the way and put on some music while focusing on that perfect pose where all 4 of them would be in perfect balance for the shot.


The Team brought together by Vitrina Advertising:

District Models: Casandra Dohotar / Diana Rogo / Cristi Oltean / Andrei Ille

Make-up artist: Gabriela Popescu

Hairstyle: Boudoir Studio Prive

Location: ETC Studio