Edi Enache is on my list of “inspiring people I’ve met along the way”. I still remember the first time we met at Electric Castel ’16 and how we turned our first meeting into a full photo session, full of laughter and good vibes. I think that the saying “Your energy introduces you before you do” is so true and in our case, it was all about the positive energy that we both shared. He has the soul of an artist and you can SEE and FEEL that in every project he makes. His playground is called “The Fashion Jumper” and I invite you to click on the link and discover his wonderful Universe.
The photographs in this article are the result of a shooting we made in Bucharest and the fact that we had this amazing location offered by Amber Gardens made us even more creative.
I then realized how I love to work with negative space and how geometry and simple backgrounds can speak louder than anything else. Edi’s strong personality made these images so powerful and bursting with emotion.
The series was also published in DeFUZE Magazine UK and it only reinforced our feeling about this special shooting.